Best restaurant in Dhaka

Food is a critical component of basic human requirements. Everyone enjoys eating. There's also no such thing as a foodie.
If you enjoy food and want to try new things, Dhaka city has restaurants serving both Bengali and international cuisine.

All of Dhaka's greatest restaurants serve a variety of delectable cuisines, including Middle Eastern, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Bengali cuisines. Neuvemi is one of them.

If you wish to eat food that complies with Muslim halal requirements, you can do so at any establishment. But, Neuvemi is the best choice for you. 

Today, I will discuss with you “The Best Restaurants in Dhaka” that you must visit for eating and celebrating your memorable day with your favorite person.

Neuvemi is a large restaurant with a total space of 90000 square feet on Diabari, Uttara. They serve multi-specialty food services around Dhaka, including continentals, deserts, and Pan-Asian cuisine. A conference facility is available for corporate seminars and private functions for clients at the restaurants. There is also local Bangladeshi food available in addition to the food. If you want to spend time with your family and go on a formal outing, this is the finest spot to go.

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Best restaurant in Dhaka